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 Pricing, Ordering, and Shipping

Base prices for our berry plants:

Available for 2018 shipping
(late March through December ) 

All Blueberry Plants (2-2.5 gallon pot)..........$35.00 each
  4 or more blueberry plants $33.00 each                            

Available for 2018 shipping
(April through December)

All Blackberry and Raspberry
plants (2 or 3 gallon pot).........$26.00 each
4 or more bramble plants.........$25.00 each

2018 Pricing
Our 2018 plant pricing will not be increasing for spring sales.  Shipping may be going up slightly, reflecting the increases the shipping company has imposed on all businesses.  I try very hard to find the most economical way to get our plants to you safely and in good condition, and I appreciate the continued support of dedicated gardeners.  Choosing certified organic plants to use in your gardens is a choice for health and longevity of our country, and a trust to pass on to our children and grand-children.  Thank you all very much!
Keith Uridel and family

To pay with PayPal or credit card please see the following:

Official PayPal Seal 
For  PayPal invoicing so you can pay with a credit card or your paypal account, please send the following to my email address below: what plants and how many you would like to get, your physical shipping address, and a contact phone number.
All transactions with PayPal
have an added 3% handling charge.


 Check to make sure what you are ordering is in stock. The website is updated weekly to reflect availability.

When do plants ship?

2018 shipping season:
 Blueberries .....March through December
 Blackberry and raspberry......April to December

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 Most blueberry and bramble cultivars are ready to ship in April unless otherwise noted.  Sold out (spring) blueberry and bramble cultivars will be available again in August or June, respectively, when the next batch of plants are mature.  We will not ship a plant that does not have a strong root system. 
  Potted plants can be planted anytime of the year (as long as soil is workable), as they have a complete, fully functional root system.

Ordering and Paying for Plants

Please print out the order form (see navigation bar or top-right of this page for link) and write down what you want.    Add shipping charges (see below), and tax (if you are from Indiana).  Make checks or money orders out to Backyard Berry Plants. 
Mail order form and your payment to us at the address listed.  Remember to include your address to which the plants will ship, as well as your email address and phone number so we can contact you.
Sorry, but we do not accept credit cards directly at this time.

Official PayPal Seal 
For  PayPal invoicing so you can pay with a credit card, please send the following to my email address below: what plants and how many you would like to get, your physical shipping address, and a contact phone number.
All transactions with PayPal
have an added 3% handling charge.

We try to have a good inventory of what we offer, but if you do not want substitutions, email us to make sure we have the cultivars you want. 
Pre-payment will reserve your plants until the best shipping time

Remember, I can answer emails very rapidly (much faster than phone calls). Please email any questions, and we'll be glad to help you.

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Shipping Rates for Potted Plants

Our plants are shipped in boxes that hold either two or four plants, and the shipping rates for these boxes are listed below.  Please try to order in quantities of either 2 or 4 plants.  The 4 plant box is the most economical as regards shipping charges. 

To determine your shipping zone and rates, use the table below to find your ship zone based on the state to which the plants will ship.
Then go to the second table to find the cost per package to your ship zone.
All rates are per package

NOTE: The tables below are for blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries.  DO NOT use this table to determine shipping on strawberry plants.  Go to the strawberry page on our website to find the shipping charges for the strawberries.

Our blueberry and bramble plants are shipped in boxes that hold either 1-2 or 3-4 plants, and the shipping rates for these boxes are listed below.  Shipping cost is based on box dimension, so a 2-plant box will cost the same amount to ship whether it has 1 or 2  plants in it. The 4-plant box will also cost the same amount whether it has 3 or 4 plants in it. 

Table 1
Determine your shipping zone
by state:

Shipping Zone 1 Shipping Zone 2 Shipping Zone 3
IN, OH, IL All other states east of Mississippi River,
 as well as TX, LA, AR, MO, IA, MN
All western states and those not listed in zone 1 or 2


Table 2: 
 Your Shipping cost per package
(rates effective 3/14/2018)

Ship Zone 1 2 3
2-plant box $20.00 $26.00 $29.00
4-plant box $27.00 $32.00 $40.00

Shipping Cost Examples:
  If you order 8 plants and are in zone 2,
 $64.00 ($32.00 x 2, 4-plant boxes) would be your shipping charges.
If you order 6 plants and are in zone 3,
$69.00 ($29.00 for 1, 2-plant box + $40.00 for 1, 4-plant box) would be your shipping charges.

If you have any questions about how to figure your shipping rates, please contact us by phone or at

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We will ship you true-to-name plants that were propagated from virus-free stock, and they will be healthy and hardy, and free of pests.  By following the planting guides and reading the Plant Care and FAQ page, you have access to the same methods that make our plants successful here on the farm.  Plant them in locations suitable for them, care for them as we have laid out, and you have the best chance for success. 

  Our plants are very strong, and in 10 years of selling them locally, we have had only a handful of times when a plant needed to be replaced.  Damage in shipment is a real possibility, so check your plants when you unpack them.  Any damage that occurs in shipping will be covered by the shipping company, as long as they are notified immediately.  Save all boxing in case they want to inspect it.  Also notify us if you observe shipping damage to the box and plants within.

 If for some other reason the plant dies in its first year, and you feel there was no lack of care or attention on your part, and it was not struck down by weather (check your planting zone), wildlife, or careening lawn mowers, we can discuss what can be done. 

At most we would refund the base price of the plant, or send you another for the cost of shipping.  Shipping charges will only be refunded or replaced if a plant is damaged in shipping, and at no other point will shipping or boxing fees be refunded. 
 Of course, if you notice your plants seem unhealthy for some reason, please email us with the symptoms, as we may well know how to help you steer your plants back on course to health.  We want you to succeed, but all things worthwhile require your attention.  Berry plants are fun and rewarding to grow, and although they are low-maintenance, they still need your attention to thrive and survive.

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See our Guarantee at bottom of page.  Remember to check planting  zones before ordering a plant.  This link will take you to the USDA planting zone map. This map can use your zip code to find your hardiness zone.

All northern highbush blueberries we sell do well in zones 5-8, with some growing well in zones 3 or 8-9.  Our southern highbush blueberries thrive in warmer districts, such as Texas, the Gulf Coast, Florida, and California, generally zones 8-10.  Fall Red Raspberries do well from zones 3-11, but Jewell and Royalty are zones 4-8.  Our blackberries do fine in zones 5-9.  Check the cultivar for specific zone guidelines.

Potted Plant Restrictions

 We are unable to ship blueberry plants to the following state: OREGON  

Tips for bare root stock

If you receive bare-root plants, make sure to open them up, moisten the roots, then keep them wrapped until you can plant them (hopefully within a day).  The sooner they get in the ground and watered (which gently settles the soil and media around their roots), the better their chance of surviving and flourishing.  Do not worry about frosts (the shoots are still dormant), as long as the roots are in the soil, watered, and mulched, the plant will awaken with your spring.